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"I used to spend most of my break scrubbing down so I could have a smoke. Not now with this vapour pipe. I can honestly say its changed my life. Thanks I Love Vapour and I do"
Pat Healey, Head chef

"Thanks to I love Vapour when Im out plumbing peoples houses I dont smell of smoke and I can do it in the premises. Great Stuff!!"
Roger, Plumber

"I Love Vapour a quick puff between clients is better than standing out in the cold!"
Jo, Korner Kutz Bedford

"A friend introduced me to I Love Vapour and I love the fruity flavours, they are refreshing and much better tasting than cigarettes."
Camila, Receptionist

"What a revelation!!! I Love Vapour has changed the way I do everything, no more sneaky fags don’t need them. Especially at work standing around in the cold!! Brrr. Thanks. I’m well chuffed!!"
Jon, Sound Engineer

"Love the flavours!! I still like the taste of my rollies but this is so realistic I couldn’t tell the difference now. I never thought it was possible but it is!!!!"
Dave Potts, Ground Worker