The beginners' guide to vaping

Hardware facts & FAQ'S - I Love Vapour

Hardware facts & FAQ'S

Hardware facts and FAQ'S 1. My coils are burning out far too quickly, why is this happening? Your coils can burn out for different  various reasons. This can be due to the coils not being fully saturated with e-liquid when you first prime your coils. ...

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Vape Maintenance Guide - I Love Vapour

Vape Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your vape is often seen as a chore and the least enjoyable part of vaping. Why would you want to spend time cleaning your vape? The answer is because you should. Without the correct care and maintenance, your vape...

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Types Of Vape Devices - I Love Vapour

Types Of Vape Devices

Here's a guide to help you learn about different type of vapes. 1. STARTER KITS Starter kits are perfect for anyone who is beginning their vaping journey and wants to use vaping as a way to reduce or stop smoking. Starter kits...

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What is PG & VG in e-liquid? - I Love Vapour

What is PG & VG in e-liquid?

First of all, PG stands for Propylene Glycol and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. PG - Propylene Glycol Propylene Glycol is an artificial mixing agent which is used in a lot of food and medical products. For an example, cut...

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Vaping Tips & Tricks - I Love Vapour

Vaping Tips & Tricks

The best tips and tricks for beginners. 1. E-liquid maintenance  When you vape there is more than just buying your e-liquid then vaping it. It's important to shake your e-liquids before you fill your tank up. This is because it...

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Vaping Terminology - I Love Vapour

Vaping Terminology

Below is a list of terminology that gets used when talking about vaping. Atomizer: The heating element inside of your vape. As this heats up, it speeds up the movement of the molecules inside your e-liquid, this then produces vapour. Batteries:...

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What is "PRIMING your coil" - I Love Vapour

What is "PRIMING your coil"

What is the term "priming your coil"? To put it simply, priming your coils is the action of applying your e-liquid to the cotton material within you coil. We advise you to do this in order to ensure your coil is set up...

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What is the best starter tank? - I Love Vapour

What is the best starter tank?

The Aspire Nautilus XS Tank is the best performing starter tank that has been released by Aspire. It's a new and improved nautilus tank with a newly presented, sleek design. It provides an outstanding vaping experience with a mouth to...

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How Do Sub Ohm Tanks Work? - I Love Vapour

How Do Sub Ohm Tanks Work?

How do Sub Ohm Tanks work? Sub Ohm tanks are defined by the resistance of the coil. If the resistance of a coil is below 1.00 Ohm it means it is a Sub Ohm coil. There are a lot of...

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