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About Us

I Love Vapour was started by Founder and Director, Iain Quinn, a health conscious socialiser and entrepreneur who had a love/hate relationship with cigarettes.

While at a party with friends, he realised that what people liked (when they were out socialising) was the enhanced drinking experience brought about by inhaling nicotine, not actually by smoking tar-laden chemically charged cigarettes.

I was the person that wanted an alternative to smoking, something that was more socially acceptable, cheaper and healthier. And so I Love Vapour was founded.

Working with a number of global manufacturers, Iain travelled around the world doing thorough due diligence on vaporisers and the flavours they use. As a result, I Love Vapour currently sell the best vaporisers and the finest naturally derived flavours in the market, making them one of the most respected an trusted vape accessory companies in the United Kingdom.

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