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About quitting smoking and start vaping - I Love Vapour

About quitting smoking and start vaping

Do you hate the smell of cigarettes and want to quit smoking? If so have a read and come to Ilovevapour!

Studies show that the number of smokers has dropped by 1.6 million over the past 6 years due to the help of vaping. 

Treatment to smokers costs the NHS £2 BILLION A YEAR... This can be reduced due to you stopping smoking and start vaping. There has been no proof or cases to show that vaping affects your health unlike smoking, this is also due to the UK making sure that vapes are tightly regulated for safety and quality.

The costs of smoking (an estimation)

Let's say you smoke 10 a day...

A week it will cost you £34.75

A month it will cost you £150 

A year it will cost you £1,807

This can be dramatically reduced by you stopping smoking and starting to vape. 

Your body after quitting

After 20 minutes

- Blood pressure goes down

- Heart rate goes down

- Hands and feet get warmer

After 8 hours

- Blood carbon monoxide levels start to return to normal

- Blood oxygen levels start to rise

After 24 hours

- Heart attack risk drops

After 48 hours

- Your nerve endings adjust to you missing nicotine

- Sense of taste and smell start to approve

After 72 hours

- Bronchial tubes start to approve 

- Becomes easier to approve

After 2-13 weeks

- Blood circulation becomes better

- Exercise becomes easier

After 1 year

- Heart disease is cut in half

After 5 years

- Cancer risk is cut in half

After 10 years

- Lung cancer is cut in half


Being able to improve your health and save money is worth giving up smoking... we can help you stop smoking and start vaping at Ilovevapour!

Come on down and speak to an expert and we can get you started with a starter kit that is suited to your needs.

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