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Stop, Shop and Hug

If you have been a traditional smoker then shop bought e-cigarettes can prove to be a rather unsatisfying experience.

Many smokers have specific taste and nicotine intensity levels that they prefer, and by using a random commercial vape product you are unlikely to hit the mark as regards vape satisfaction.

By visiting I Love Vapour’s dedicated vape stores, and partner concessions in the UK, you can experience a world of flavours, intensities of taste and a variety of nicotine effects, something that you will find reassuring and enjoyable in equal measure.

We pride ourselves on our service, product knowledge and ability to fix or exchange broken or failed vape device parts. We also offer free demonstrations for new and existing clients, and customers can enjoy our ILV Taste Stations where you can try our different customised flavours and nicotine levels.

The ILV range now includes 35 different flavours in five levels of Nicotine 0ml, 6ml, 12ml, 18ml and 24ml.

"When I formed I Love Vapour in 2013, I knew that if vaping was to become a positive mainstream pastime that the superior quality of our products and associated services was a key element for success," said Iain Quinn, Managing Director of I Love Vapour. "The biggest barrier to vape usage remains, to this day, the fear factor. We decided that the only way to allay any doubts people might have about vaping devices or liquid quality was to educate and supervise our clients in a positive vaping retail environment. We also oversee the production process of everything we sell, making us product-confident and proud of the devices and liquids we keep in stock."
“I regularly visit and scrutinise our manufacturers. I am not there to personally oversee every device or liquid produced, but I do take the time to sit with the various product development teams to review vaping device structures and e-liquid formulations. I have personal relationships with our production partners, and have, over time, grown great confidence (based on product integrity) in what I Love Vapour sells. Quality and safety are vitally important to us.”

Hug Fests

I Love Vapour has what we call "Hug Fests" in our stores. These personal consultancies, bespoke vape exploration sessions are specifically designed for customers who have been trying to convert from dirty old analogue cigarettes, that smell disgusting and are proven to harm, to the healthier vaping option. Hugging is (of course) optional, but a positive support environment is guaranteed on your journey to the bright side.

Luton Halls

I Love Vapour started in Luton Halls on the 5 January 2013. The business now enjoys regular customers, most of which have been referred by other satisfied customers. Our store in Luton Halls was created to teach people about vaping, and, by doing so, calm concerns as vaping was very new at that point. We know our stuff, and have the right device for every individual. (click for map)

Leighton Buzzard

Leighton Buzzard is a small and compact shop with a lot to offer. Serving the community, it has been open since June 2014, and has already gained a great reputation among the vapers of Leighton and the surrounding area, most of whom knew us from our Luton store. Again, teaching people how to vape effectively is what this store is all about. (click for map)

The Market Place, Brighton


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