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Celebrities go Vapour

With e-cigarette fans on the rise, it is unsurprising that a bevvy of models, rock stars and silver screen icons are making the shift from socially unacceptable tobacco products to e-cigarettes and vapour devices.

An increasing number of cool and fast living UK stars, Robbie Williams and Lily Allen for example, are fans of the virtual smoking experience, and across the pond, in the world’s most anti-smoking country the US, high profile closet smokers are fast becoming confident and cool public Vapers!

As the demand for and acceptance of  e-cig products rises dramatically, celebrities now feel happy to use these inoffensive enjoyable products and, in doing so, indirectly promote them, something our enlightened and forward industry is delighted to see.

Celebrities showing off their use of electronic cigarettes

Katherine Heigl recently flaunted her e-cigarette on the David Letterman show, and later was seen using it at an outdoor restaurant. She has remarked that she, ”used to smoke regular tobacco cigarettes but has now switched to electronic cigarettes. Loves the ability to smoke around her young daughter without worrying about the carcinogenic fumes regular tobacco products create, and that the water vapor from her e-cigarette is safe and does not harm anyone around her.”

Smokin’ hot smokers go vapour

Katherine Heigl is not the only celebrity supporting the e-cigarette movement. Leonardo Di Caprio has been photographed numerous times using e-cigarettes, and the most famous cinematic e-cigarette moment was with Johnny Depp smoking an e-cig in the movie “The Tourist”. This smokin’ hot smoker has also been seen using virtual smoking devices for personal purposes off screen.

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