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Vaping Terminology - I Love Vapour

Vaping Terminology

Below is a list of terminology that gets used when talking about vaping.

Atomizer: The heating element inside of your vape. As this heats up, it speeds up the movement of the molecules inside your e-liquid, this then produces vapour.

Batteries: The power source to your device.

Blend: A fancy term for the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin in your e-liquid.

Box Mod: A type of mod supported by box shaped battery.

Cartomizer: A cartridge with a built in atomiser. When you replace the cartridge, the atomiser gets replaced with it.

Cartridge: The removable tank that holds the pre-filled e-liquid. With a clean and easy integrated coil system.

Clouds: A term for the vapour that is exhaled after taking a pull on your vape.

Coil: A coil is responsible for heating up the e-liquid in your vape and turning this into vapour. A vape coil is wire wrapped in a spiral around the cotton. 

Dry Hit: A harsh, dry tasting hit resulting from having no e-liquid left in your tank.

E-Cigarette: Electronic cigarette. A cigarette shaped device that contains e-liquid that is vapourised and inhaled by the user.

E-liquid: Liquid that gets heated and vaporised within the vape.

Lung Hit: Inhaling vapour directly into your lungs.

Nic/No-Nic: E liquids with or without nicotine.

Ohm: The measure of electrical resistance within the vape battery.

PG: Propylene glycol, a common base for e-liquids.

Regulated Mod: A mod with safety features to prevent overheating.

Resistance: The rate at which electricity is able to travel through the heating element, (for an example the coil in your vape). A lower resistance provides faster heating and bigger vapour. Although high resistance results in slower heating with less produced vapour. 

Tank: The component for e-liquid to be used with an vape.

Threading: The type of connection used to attach the e -liquid tank to the device. 

Throat Hit: When you take a pull from your vape and then you can feel tingling on the back of your throat (usually associated with higher nicotine levels

Vaper: A common name given to a person who uses a vape.

Vapour: The substance produced as a result of heating e-liquid within your vape.

Vapours Tongue: Loosing a temporary taste of e-liquid that can be caused by vaping the same flavour for long periods of time.

VG: Vegetable glycerin, another common base in your e-liquid.

VW: Variable wattage, the ability to control you wattage to what suits you.

Wick: The absorbent material that draws e-liquid up into the heating element to be turned into vapour..

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