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Vaping Tips & Tricks - I Love Vapour

Vaping Tips & Tricks

The best tips and tricks for beginners.

1. E-liquid maintenance 

When you vape there is more than just buying your e-liquid then vaping it. It's important to shake your e-liquids before you fill your tank up. This is because it mixes up the PG/VG and nicotine to ensure you get the best flavour out of your e-liquid. 

When you have e-liquid you need to make sure its out of direct sunlight. This is because the sun decreases the nicotine levels. Another thing to remember is to not leave your e-liquid bottles open. This is because it will sacrifice the flavour of your e-liquid.

2. Clean your tank regularly

On a regular basis you need to make sure you're emptying and cleaning out your vape tank. This is really simple to do and should be done at least once a week.

Simply disassemble your vape tank, pour out the remaining e-liquid, and clean the tank, mouthpiece. You can clean this by using something like kitchen roll or you can clean it with hot water. IF you clean it with hot water, leave the tank to air dry for 24 hours+. If this is not done you can end up becoming seriously ill with the result of inhaling water etc.  

3. Change your coils

Your coils affect your vaping experience, and beginners often don't realise how important it is to change your coils. When you start noticing any buildup in your tank or the flavour turns into a burnt flavour, it means it's time to change it!

Click the link below to find out how to change your coil:

4. Have a spare set of batteries

Does your vape require a set of 18650 batteries? If so, its always a good idea to have a spare set. This is because if your batteries run low or one stops working you've got a spare set to hand.

5. Avoid vapours tongue

When you vape a flavour for a long period of time, you will sometimes get vapours tongue. This is natural and is nothing to be worried about. This occurs when you vape the same flavour for a long period of time. To prevent this from happening we suggest you mix up the flavours you use every so often. 

6. Drink plenty of water

Sometimes vapers tend to experience dry mouth when they vape. Dry mouth is linked to dehydration. This can sometimes happen if you vape e-liquids that have high levels of PG. This is a liquid that is known for attracting water molecules, therefore giving you a dry mouth sensation.

Many smokers who switch from smoking to vaping find that high levels of PG work very well for them because it gives them a better throat hit. If you are experiencing dry mouth, drink plenty of water to avoid this and keep your body hydrated.

7. How do e-liquids affect your coils?

A important factor to your coil life span is what e-liquid you use. The sweeter the e-liquid, the more likely it will contain natural or artificial sweeteners. The sweeteners in the e-liquid may caramelise on your coil which will give an effect of burning your coil. This can then lead to your coil not being able to saturate correctly which then can lead to a burnt coil. To fix this issue you would need to change your coil more regularly than usual to keep the best possible performance.

Some sweet e-liquids can burn your coils quicker, for an example within 2 - 5 days. Normally your coil should last between 7 - 14 days. Although this can vary depending on the amount of usage and how much power is being used from the coil. 

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