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Vape Maintenance Guide - I Love Vapour

Vape Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your vape is often seen as a chore and the least enjoyable part of vaping.

Why would you want to spend time cleaning your vape?

The answer is because you should.

Without the correct care and maintenance, your vape will not function how it should and it could potentially become a problem in the future. 

Here is a guide for you to follow when maintaining your vape. 

E-Liquids Maintenance

  • Always put the lid back on tightly opened and make sure you store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.
  • If your e-liquid has formed some crystals, gently warm it up in a bowl of warm water (not boiling, as this will cause issues with the contents in the e-liquid and will cause the bottle to melt)

Coils Maintenance

  • Always make sure you use your coils within the recommended wattage or temperature range (This is because it will make them last longer and will stop them from burning out as quick) 

Tanks Maintenance

  • Try to make sure you clean your tank every other week,  or whenever you need to change your coil. (Tanks can become clogged over time and this means they will not work to their full potential)
  • When you have filled up your tank make sure you store it in an upright position (This will prevent leaking from your tank and will also prevent potential damage to your kit)

Mods Maintenance

  • Always make sure your mod is clean, whether this is from any excess liquid or dirt. (A clean mod is a happy mod, it also means you’re far less likely to drop it too)

Batteries Maintenance

  • Make sure you store batteries correctly (This can be in a sleeve or a case)
  • Don’t overcharge your batteries as they could end up being dangerous.
  • Do not use batteries if they are damaged in any way (Even if they are slightly damaged or marked, DO NOT USE THEM)
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