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Hardware facts & FAQ'S - I Love Vapour

Hardware facts & FAQ'S

Hardware facts and FAQ'S

1. My coils are burning out far too quickly, why is this happening?

Your coils can burn out for different  various reasons. This can be due to the coils not being fully saturated with e-liquid when you first prime your coils. 

Another reason could be because you are using the coil at a too high of a wattage. Most coils have a wattage range written on the side of them. We advise that you stay within this range to prolong the life span of your coils.

Chain vaping is also another factor of why your coil is burning out too quickly. This is because you are not allowing the coil to re-saturate with e-liquid, this means you are vaping a dry coil. 


2. Do all coils fit in the same tank?

No, all coils do not fit into the same tank. This is because all tanks will have different designed coils, this is due to different brands and manufacturers. 


3. What makes a sub ohm tank?

Sub ohm tanks give out a lot of vapour and normally the resistance of the coils would be 0.5Ω or below. Although any tank that has a resistance of 0.99Ω or below is classed as sub ohm.


4. How often do I need to change my coil?

We recommend you change your coil roughly every 1 - 3 weeks, depending on how much you use your vape.

If the e-liquid discolours or your coil tastes burnt then it is time to change the coil within your tank.


5. Why does my coil taste burnt?

The cotton within the coil may not be saturated correctly and that means the cotton has been burnt when used. You should replace the coil as soon as possible and then this should return the flavour back to its original state.


6. How do I stop my tank from leaking?

Leaking can be caused by flooding in the cotton and coil. This means that there is too much e-liquid in the coil.

A way to solve this is to clear away any excess liquid and then turn the wattage up by 5 - 10 watts for a few puffs to heat the excess into vapour. Once this is done, then turn it back down again.

If this still doesn't work then you may need to change the coil, as through usage the cotton within the coil can deteriorate and soak less e-liquid through it.


7. What’s the difference between voltage and wattage?

Voltage is the direct current given out by the battery and the wattage is the measure of power distributed to the coil from the battery. 


8. Why are the batteries wrapped with coloured plastic?

This is a protective casing for your battery, if the plastic is damaged in any way we advise you replace the battery straight away.


9. Is it safe to charge your device overnight?

It is advised to charge your batteries while you are awake and they are in eye sight.


10. Regarding batteries, what does mAh mean?

mAh stands for milliamps per hour. This is a measurement of amperage of a battery.

For an example: 3000mAh battery will stay charged for a longer period of time compared to a 2500mAh battery.


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