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Types Of Vape Devices

Here's a guide to help you learn about different type of vapes.


Starter kits are perfect for anyone who is beginning their vaping journey and wants to use vaping as a way to reduce or stop smoking.

Starter kits tend to be low in power and are designed to be a mouth to lung style (MTL) of vaping.

MTL vaping products replicate a similar inhale style to smoking a cigarette where the consumer will take a pull on the e-cigarette and hold the vapour in their mouth before inhaling and then finally exhaling.

Starter kits work best with 50PG and 50VG types of liquid. This is due to the devices having smaller coils that take thinner juice but are higher in nicotine.

MTL starter kits sometimes have a coil resistance above 1.0 ohms (Ω) and this is what will determine how much power the battery can push out. For example, the best wattage range for a 1.8Ω coil is between 8 - 13 watts of power.

Starter kits tend to be smaller, more compact and lighter than sub ohm kits, they also come in all different shapes, sizes and  have different power outputs.

Newer starter kits come with variable wattage and OLED screens making these really aesthetically pleasing as well as performing outstandingly. This allows the consumer to set up the device to their needs. 



Pen style kits are more of a description of how a kit look, the kits can vary in both size and power output but one key fact remains the same; they are all in the shape resembling a pen.

These devices vary when it comes to battery types. This is because some of them have an internal battery while others have an external 18650 battery. 

The older pen style kits tend to not have a screen of any sort and they would normally have a variable wattage and a built in battery. The newer pen style kits are starting to have inbuilt screens with OLED displays with them displaying important information such as Wattage, Resistance, Battery life etc.  



Pod kits are the newest style in both MTL vaping and Sub Ohm vaping. Pod kits are very user friendly and this is due to the “POD” part of the kit. The pods themselves come in different forms depending on the kit. Some kits, such as the the Aspire AVP come with pods that have built in coils and then you throw them away when they are burnt. On the other hand, a device like the VooPoo Vinci X uses a pod system which you replace the coil every couple of weeks when its at the end of its life span. 



Sub Ohm Kits have not been around for as long as some people think, the mouth to lung style of vape kits were around before sub ohm kits. 

Just as everything else in the vaping world, sub ohm kits were created from experimentation. Many vaper’s wanted a way to produce more vapour, so this is when a sub-ohm series of coils were first created.

Sub Ohm kits are vape kits which use a coil below 1.00 ohm in resistance, they are commonly used by people who are looking for more vapour, more flavour and longer battery life.

Due to the lower resistance of coils, the power used can be increased. Even some coils able to handle up to 150 - 200 watts comfortably. The lower resistance and higher power allow you as vapers to achieve huge amounts of vapour clouds. With sub ohm kits allowing you to achieve more power throughout the coil this means the flavour production is increased. This is due to the amount of e-liquid that is being heated and turned into vapour.  

Sub Ohm kits can vary when it comes to battery life. Some sub ohm kits will have a built in baterry meaning the device would need to be charged at least once a day. Where as other devices take 1 - 2 18650 batteries meaning the battery life is 50% longer than built in batteries.  A good example of this would be, a built in battery sub ohm kit is the Smok Stick V9 Kit. An example of a sub ohm kit that takes 2 18650 batteries is the Geek Vape, Aegis X Kit. Everyone has their own preferences to what they want, there is no right or wrong decision on what Sub Ohm Kit you should get.



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