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My Vaping Experience. Beginners Guide To Vapeing - I Love Vapour

My Vaping Experience. Beginners Guide To Vapeing

My Vaping Experience- STOP SMOKING, START VAPING! Beginners Guide To Vaping.

I started vaping 2 years ago and honestly... it's the best decision I have made! I started vaping because when I used to smoke I used to get paranoid that smoking cigarettes was harming my body. Deep down I knew it was and I didn't want to affect my body just because I wanted the nicotine hit.

When I first started vaping I didn't have a clue what I was doing or what even a coil was! I decided to take action and go and get myself a vape so I could finally quit smoking! I decided to go and see ILOVEVAPOUR because I had been recommenced to go to them due to how friendly they are but also at how helpful and professional they are... was the recommendation right? Of course it was!! I went in knowing absolutely nothing about vapes and how they work and I left feeling so confident about how to use my vape but also now I knew what a coil was!!

I didn't want anything too complicated, I just wanted it to do the job and for me to get the nicotine hit! When I was in their store they recommended me the ARC 5 40W E-Cigarette Kit (picture below) as this fit my needs. There were so many different choices but for me personally I thought this one would be best fit for me!


They showed me how to set it up and what a coil was and how to change it when it came to the time of needing to do this! When I was in the shop they also asked me how many cigarettes I was smoking a day, this was so they could set me up on the right strength of nicotine. Due to me smoking for 2 years I was used to the taste of smoking so I decided to stick to a tobacco flavour so it was similar to the taste of a cigarette and would help me to give up smoking straight away.

After a year of getting used to vaping I decided I didn't need the nicotine hit as much so, I decided to move onto a bigger vape that creates a bigger cloud of smoke. The vape I moved onto is a VOOPOO DRAG 2 KIT (picture below), first of all I loved the look of the device but also how it felt in my hands when holding it.

A year later I am still using my voopoo drag 2 and I love it!! I decided to move away from the tobacco flavours and go onto big bottles of fruit flavours! I always said I wouldn't move off tobacco flavours but I did! I'm glad I did because I have found so many different types of flavours that I wouldn't have found if I stuck to the same flavour! ILOVEVAPOUR have so many different e-liquid flavours you can choose from and they are the only vape company I would recommend or go to! 

I highly recommend visiting them or contacting them if you have any queries about vaping or if you just generally want to stop smoking and start vaping! 

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