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My Review On The Voopoo Drag Nano Kit - I Love Vapour

My Review On The Voopoo Drag Nano Kit

Voopoo drag nano kit review


I decided to purchase a Voopoo drag nano kit as I love my Voopoo drag! To start with I was a bit apprehensive about buying it because of how small it was but I am honestly so glad I did! The flavour is absolutely astonishing! Due to it being small I thought that I wouldn't get as good as of a pull but I was wrong! You still get a rich flavour when you take a pull!  


The voopoo drag nano kit sizing is perfect due to it being small! You are able to put it in your pocket or in a small bag, even in your wallet! A bonus of it being so small means that it doesn't have a button! Meaning that you don't have to worry about it firing in your pocket! 


Do you want a small vape? Do you want to quit smoking? Well this is perfect for you if you thought to yourself yes! The drag nano kit is mainly for nic salts but you can put 50/50 ejuice in it if nic salts isn't for you!


The battery on the drag nano can last a full day is you are using it continually. Otherwise it can last for a couple of days! When the pod device needs charging it only takes an hour to charge, this will then gain it a full battery! One of the aspects that I love about this kit is it flashes when you fill it up or flashes when the battery is starting to go! Green flash means it's fully charged, blue means it’s half charged and red means it's going to die. If your nano kit flashes red 10 times in a row when you are vaping it means it will instantly turn off due to it being dead. 


Let's talk coils!

The nano kit does not contain a big coil meaning you will not need to change it! If you hate changing coils and getting juice on your hands, then this is perfect for you! This device has a pod system meaning once you've used it enough and you feel that your flavour is starting to not taste as nice or as strong anymore then all you need to do is buy another pod! This just pulls out of the kit and goes back in! Once you have done this all you need to do is fill it back up, leave it for 5 minutes and then you are ready to vape again!


Filling up your device

When filling up your device I thought it would be quite difficult! Honestly, it is easy! Due to the nibs on the bottle of ejuices being so small it fits in the little hole in the pod perfectly making it easy to fill up! The pod system is a 1ml tank, this sounds small but it's the perfect size if you are using nic salts or 50/50 ejuice! 


There are many benefits of having a nic salt device although the main benefits of having one is that the nic salts enter your bloodstream faster than normal nicotine! This means it gives you the hit of nicotine that you wang quicker! Nic salts also give off a smoother taste allowing you to vape it more often if this is needed! 



Here is images of my set up that I am using at the minute! Pukka lime lemonade nic salt is rich in flavour and gives you a hit of fresh tangy lime and lemon! 

Here is an image of my devices, I have includes this picture to show you the size different of the Voopoo Drag platinum 2 against the Voopoo Drag Nano Kit!

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