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TECC CS Air Slim Tank

by tecc
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If you own a slim vape pen and are looking for a major upgrade to your vaping experience, you've just found that with the TECC CS Air Slim vape tank. With this tank's organic cotton wick, glass enclosure, stainless steel body and multi-position adjustable airflow, the CS Air Slim delivers the purest flavour that you'll ever experience with a mini vape tank.

Easy Filling and Coil Replacement 

If you're currently using a vape pen with disposable clearomizers, upgrading to a tank such as the TECC CS Air Slim will change your vaping experience somewhat because it'll require you to begin replacing your own coils. You'll know that it's time for a new coil because, after several days of use, you'll begin to taste a slightly burned flavour when you vape. 

To prepare a new TECC CS Air Slim vape coil for use, place a bit of e-liquid on each of the coil's wick openings. Turn the tank upside down and twist off the bottom metal hardware. The old coil is screwed into the base of the tank. Unscrew the old coil, screw in the new coil and reassemble the tank. Wait a few minutes for the cotton to get completely wet before you continue vaping.


Tecc CS Air Slim Tank coils can be found here at CS Air coils

What’s In The Box

Kit Contents

  • 1 x CS Air Slim Tank
  • 1 x CS coil
  • 1 x User manual


  • Tank capacity - 1.8ml
  • Coil resistance - 1.5ohm
  • Dimensions - 58mm x 15mm

Product Features

TECC CS Air Slim Tank Adjustable Airflow

Two Adjustable Airflow Systems

Customise your vaping experience with two airflow systems; a 5-hole structure for a more restricted airflow or a wide slot for increased air inflow.

TECC CS Air Slim Tank with Bottom Fill Design

Bottom Filled Design

Filling the CS Air Slim Tank is easy, simply unscrew the base and top up as required.