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Aspire K2 Tank

by aspire
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Original price £9.99
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A tiny tank with big power, the Aspire K2 tank is the ultimate answer if you're looking for an affordable upgrade for your small vape pen. If you're still using the plastic tank that came with your vaping device, it's going to blow your mind when you experience what's possible with a tank made from stainless steel, glass and organic cotton. Wait -- you mean vapour doesn't have to taste like plastic? That's right! Get ready to taste your favourite e-liquids as they were meant to be experienced.

Perfect for Smaller Vape Pens

The Aspire K2 tank has a 1.6-ohm coil and works best within a range of 3.0-4.2 volts. If you're using a small Aspire vape pen or a device such as an eGo e-cigarette, the Aspire K2 is a perfect fit.

Great Performance With Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

This tank works best with thinner e-liquids. We suggest using an e-liquid containing no more than 50 percent vegetable glycerine. Do you need a tank that'll help you get the most out of the latest nicotine salt e-liquids? You've found the perfect tank for the job right here.

Easy to Use

The Aspire K2 tank is a bottom-filling tank. Just twist off the tank's bottom hardware to access the e-liquid reservoir or to change the coil.

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