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Top 3 Vaping Trends 2020 - I Love Vapour

Top 3 Vaping Trends 2020

Here are the new vaping trends for 2020.

1. Improvements to pod system devices 

Since pod systems first started to gain popularity in 2018, they’ve been newly improved and they have come a long way. 

Pod devices have been made more flexible so the user can set it to their preferences. For an example, they now have adjustable power settings, longer battery life, more coil options and better compatibility with different types of e-liquids.

2. Nic Salts are in high demand 

Nic salts have become more popular and high in demand. Many brands only brought out one strength of Nic salts, now they range from 5MG up to 20MG. This mean users who want the quicker hit but use lower nicotine levels can now use Nic salts.

3. Technology

The vaping technology has been increased in 2020, many brands and manufacturers have up'd the game when it comes to technology. Most vape devices now come with an advanced chip which expands the performance of the device and the technology behind the device. New trends have started with the indestructible devices. Some devices are now drop proof, waterproof and dust proof.



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