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Smok Fetch Mini VS Smok Fetch Pro - I Love Vapour

Smok Fetch Mini VS Smok Fetch Pro

Smok Fetch Mini VS Smok Fetch Pro... What's the difference?

First of all the new style and look of the Smoke Fetch Pro has been updated and improved. Not only has the style changed but the screen has been newly improved and has been moved to the front of the device. This makes the screen easier to read from but also to use. You can also look at the screen puff count without having to turn your device around.

The chip has also been upgraded which takes the performance levels to a new level. The Smok Fetch Mini is restricted to 40W where as the Smoke Fetch Pro now goes up to 80W. This allows more vapour production to take place allowing more flavour from your chosen e-liquid.

The Fetch Mini had a 1500mAh Lithium battery within the device, and for such a small and light device capable of that much battery power, is impressive. Although, if you mainly use the Smok Fetch Mini for DTL vaping, you would have seen your battery draining fairly quickly, which meant you would have to charge it more than you wanted to.

The Smok Fetch Pro improves on the battery, not only changing the USB port, from a Micro USB to an effective and faster charging USB Type-C, but also making the battery external! Having an external battery makes the battery power in the Smoke Fetch Pro up to 2500mAh. This means you can now use the Fetch Pro at its maximum power. 

Now with the Fetch Pro, you get a RPM Pod and the newly improved RGC Pod, which takes sub-ohm vaping to a new level! The new pods are side filling as opposed to the bottom filling pods that come with the Fetch Mini.

For more information on the Smok Fetch Mini, click here

For more information on the Smok Fetch Pro, click here



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