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Full On Flavour - ILV Taste Evolution

Because I Love Vapour work in close partnership with the world's leading vapour liquid manufacturers, we have developed an unrivalled range of unique and critically acclaimed e-cigarette liquids to suit all tastes.

With customers across the UK, and in 20 countries globally, regularly purchasing our bespoke vape mixes, we take what we call the ILV Taste Evolution very seriously.

The reason I Love Vapour's custom e-cigarette liquids and vapour essences are the best in the market is because we conduct regular taste and product development sessions. We bring together seasoned vapers, our own I Love Vapour team, as well as representatives from our various vaping liquid manufacturers on a regular basis. These group taste sessions are the perfect place to develop, tweak, and innovate new and existing liquids.

"Our customer-centric bespoke vaping products are what set I Love Vapour apart," says Iain Quinn, Managing Director of I Love Vapour. "Many of the flavoured vapour liquids that we sell are formulated and set by my team and I, so no other company can offer our particular recipes. All of the flavours we sell have been specially customised to suit our loyal and growing client base. Some are naturally more popular than others, but, over time, by adding more of this or less of that, we have produced flavoured vapours that people from all over the world regard as some of the finest products of their kind."

I Love Vapour's Vanilla vapour liquid is hailed by many as the best in the world market, however other best selling ILV vapour liquids include: including Skittle; Honey; Bubblegum and Strawberry and Cream

Twice a year, I Love Vapour invite new and seasoned vapers to sit with our team, and representatives of the e-cigarette liquid manufacturers, to make suggestions for improvements to existing products and discuss the development of new ones. This taste evolution is what makes I Love Vapour a very special vape company.

I Love Vapour's next ILV Taste Evolution session will be held at XXXXXXX on the 30th of October this year. We welcome you to come along and take the I Love Vapour taste test for yourself.


As the e-cigarette industry develops, and people's vape habits become more and more sophisticated, I Love Vapour has had to adapt to make sure that what we offer our customers is a fully bespoke and superior-quality virtual smoking experience.

Heavily influenced by customer demand, I Love Vapour has seen a sharp rise in the popularity of more personalised and adaptable vaping devices, many of which now offer the ability to customize, thereby producing variable strengths, tastes and nicotine delivery levels.

And so, we formally introduce The Mod.

A Mod basically means that your vaping devise has been modified, so rather than just emitting 3.3v you can adjust the voltage and, on some devices, the wattage output also. By doing this you can set the device to deliver your preferred amount of vapour, which alters and improves the taste and overall vaping experience.

Our most popular Mod is called a Spinner. This device has a dial at the bottom that you can turn to adjust the voltage. These products usually range from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts. There are also more complex units where you have the option to adjust the voltage and wattage, with a readable OHMs coil as the atomiser. Contact us today on 0845 017 0800 and we can talk you through the modification options.

“I Love Vapour has stocked Mods from the beginning, but demand was negligible in 2010 as many people were inexperienced and afraid of getting the liquid / vapour balance wrong on slightly more complex devices,” said Iain Quinn, Managing Director of I Love Vapour. “However, as people have become vaping connoisseurs, demand for modified vaping products that allow customized experiences is definitely on the increase.”

For early adopters and second-generation vapers, the traditional pen e-cigarette devices have become a rather crude and outdated way to enjoy vapours, thereby boosting Mod sales. However, most people do remain happy with cigarette-a-like products as they have a greatly improved look-and-feel appeal. Gone are the days of the social stigma that was associated with e-cigs, many of which looked like dubious Illegal smoking devices!

“More and more people come to us looking to improve their vaping device to suit their style and usage habits, and this is proven globally. Mods do use more liquid and power, but this is a small price to pay for far more advanced vapour.” Iain continues. “A certain niche of experienced vapers are definitely converting from the traditional pen-style vaping devices to Mods. We see this trend in the US market in particular, the most advanced vaping marketplace in the world. Innoken is the market leader in traditional and Mod units, and these remain our best sellers. We are happy to advise any would-be or experienced vaper as to the best way forward. We have a device to suit all.”
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