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Horizon Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank

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The Horizon Falcon King is here, and it's ready to forever revolutionize the way you vape. Until now, you've always been told that cotton is the ideal material for a vape wick because it delivers the purest flavour, right?


Well, Horizon is out to prove the world wrong with a new rayon fibre wick that transports e-liquid extremely efficiently while remaining resistant to heat and delivering amazingly bold flavour. No matter how long you've been vaping your favourite e-liquid, the Horizon Falcon King tank will expose new flavour notes that you've never noticed before.


If you're looking for a sub-ohm tank that's easy to fill, you'll love the redesigned opening mechanism of the Horizon Falcon King. Just press the release button to make the top flip open!


Compatible With All Horizon Falcon Coils

If you're a longtime user of the Horizon Falcon series, you might have a favourite coil that you want to continue using. With the Horizon Falcon King, that's no problem; this tank works with all Falcon coils. You'll still get the sleek design and upgraded airflow of the latest tank in the Falcon series. If you do use one of Horizon's new coils, though, prepare yourself; pairing a modern mesh coil design with Horizon's new bamboo fibre has resulted in a coil design that can take on the most popular tanks from any manufacturer.