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What’s Vaping all about?

Vaping appeals to health concious smokers that are fed up of the social stigma attached to traditional smoking.

For many smokers, it is the ceremony, habit and love of nicotine that drives the need to have a cigarette. It is not the actual use and inhalation of a traditional cigarette. E-cigarettes and vaporizers offer the perfect solution for the modern day smoker. They release a satisfying and smoke-like inhalation, and the vapour units range from cigarette style devices to stylish portable vaporizers, all of which come in a range of nicotine strengths and in the case of the vaporizers, a dizzying range of delicious naturally-based vapour flavours.

Consumer choice

The main reason that a person might decide to try Vaping is really all down to finally having a consumer choice. Now the smoking general public have a proven alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Instead of inhaling the smoke from burning plant materials, Vapers can obtain the nicotine in a cool mist, which is combined with well-known ingredients that are all approved for human consumption.

1.2 billion traditional smokers in 2012

Since it is proven that smoking tobacco cigarettes has many health issues, and perhaps around a one-in-three chance of early death, it is no surprise that the e-smoking phenomenon has the potential to satisfy and save the lives of the 1.2 billion smokers in the coming decades.

No second hand smoke

Another major bonus is that there is no production of second-hand smoke for others to breathe, and the vapour doesn’t leave a scent residue of any kind, so it a more socially acceptable to conduct your smoke like experience.

So is Vaping a good idea? For those that like to smoke, but want to improve their health, it is a very good idea.

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