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VooPoo Vinci VS VooPoo Vinci X - I Love Vapour

VooPoo Vinci VS VooPoo Vinci X

VooPoo Vinci VS VooPoo Vinci X.... What's the difference?

The Vinci and Vinci X are a newly designed mod pod which feature in simpler operations and safer use.

The vinci is smaller than any other device which creates an easy and portable experience. It has a built in 1500mAh battery meaning it lasts all day so you do not need to worry about charging it multiple times a day.

For more information on the Vinci click here

The Vinci X mod pod is slightly bigger in height, this is due to the Vinci X taking one 18650 battery. The advantage of having a 18650 battery is if your battery stops working in your Vinci X, you can just replace the battery not the whole mod.

For more information on the Vinci X click here

The Vinci and the Vinci X have multiple functions, they also have the same built in technology. They are built in with a new-generation GENE AI chip that features intelligent coil protection, this intelligently adjusts the device's power output to match the coil in your device, this then is used to prevent any dry burn hits while vaping and also provides you with excellent flavour and intense clouds.



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