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What’s the difference between coils and mesh coils - I Love Vapour

What’s the difference between coils and mesh coils


What does a coil do?

Coils are responsible for heating up the eliquid in your vape and turning it into vapour. This then makes contact with the battery on one side and then the eliquid on the other side. It then turns your eliquid into a vapour that then can then be inhaled.

What is the difference between a coil and mesh coil?

A mesh coil has a metal mesh that surrounds the cotton and a regular coil has a wire wrapping around the cotton.

As a result, the mesh coil has more metal surface around the cotton which then produces more heat along the cotton in the coil. This then creates more flavour and vapour.

Below is an image showing what a mesh coil looks like vs a regular coil that is made with wire.

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