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Introducing TWO New Brands - I Love Vapour

Introducing TWO New Brands

Introducing TWO New Brands


Slush it was created in 2019 and has SIX different flavours. The flavours that have been created, taste like your childhood slushie's!

1. Blue Slush

If you're looking for a blueberry e-liquid with a difference, you've found it right here with Blue Slush by Slush It. This e-liquid gives you the bold blueberry flavour you're craving and presents that flavour in the form of a delicious slushie from the local convenience store.

2. Green Slush

Green Slush by Slush It delivers the flavour of a classic lemon-and-lime slush that's brimming with sweet-and-sour refreshment.

3. Mango Slush

A mango slush with a hint of ice that is guarantied to satisfy your taste buds.

4. Blue Raspberry Slush

The ultimate '90s nostalgia flavour, blue raspberry has finally arrived in vapour form! Blue Raspberry by Slush It tastes just like a blue raspberry slushie.

5. Strawberry Slush

When you're in the mood for some quick summer refreshment, there can be only one solution. No, we're not talking about beer, we're talking about a great big strawberry slush!

6. Mixed Berry Slush

Delicious strawberry and raspberry notes intertwine with a sweet slush base flavour that rolls around the palate in a delightful way.

Slush It can be purchased from our five different stores or online at



SO-DUH! was also created in 2019 and has NINE different flavours! There is guaranteed to be a flavour that you will love! Nine different flavours that are based on your favourite soda's!

1. Raspberry SO-DUH!

The best and freshest raspberries of summer always have a healthy dose of natural tartness to go with their bold sweetness. They're the perfect companions for a bit of fizzy seltzer water, and that's the experience that So-duh!

2. Sicilian Lemonade SO-DUH!

If you've never been fortunate enough to try a freshly squeezed lemonade with soda water, Sicilian Lemonade by So-duh! is going to be a real treat for you. To create this e-liquid, So-duh! worked hard to find a lemon note with just the right amount of sweet-and-sour boldness.

3. Blackcurrant SO-DUH!

Blackcurrant soda is so popular in Britain that So-duh! couldn't stop at making just one version of the flavour.

4. Apple SO-DUH!

If you're a real soda aficionado, you've probably tried just about every soda flavour known to man. Apple soda, though, isn't something that you'll find on the shelves at just any supermarket. Apple by So-duh! captures the flavour of a fizzy apple soda that leaves the most pleasant tingle on your tongue.

5. Bena SO-DUH!

Imagine, if you will, the ultimate blackcurrant beverage. Here's how we'd make it: We'd start by pouring the most delicious sweetened blackcurrant nectar over crushed ice. Then, we'd top it with fizzy soda water.

6. Lemon & Lime SO-DUH!

After cola, citrus must be the most popular soda flavour. There's no shortage of citrus soda options at every supermarket, and more products come out every year. Lemon & Lime by So-duh! captures the best aspects of the most popular citrus sodas and comes away with a unique interpretation all its own. You'll love the pleasant tingle on the exhale.

7. Melon, Guava & Lime SO-DUH!

Here's an e-liquid delivering the flavour of a perfect soda infused with the tastiest tropical fruits. Sweet guava and melon blend with a tart lime exhale to create a perfectly thirst-quenching experience.

8. Orange SO-DUH!

Everyone loves a tasty orange soda from time to time, and Orange by So-duh! is an e-liquid with a nearly flawless recreation of that experience.

9. Watermelon SO-DUH!

Imagine taking the best watermelon of summer and straining the juice into a saucepan. Next, imagine cooking the juice down to condense it and adding just a pinch of sugar. Pour the result into a glass of crushed ice and top it with seltzer water. Does that sound like a lot of effort? It's a good thing that Watermelon by So-duh! exists.

SO-DUH! can be purchased from our five different stores or online at 

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