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What Are Nic Salts Blog

What are Nic Salts?

Nic salts is a shortened term for the natural state of nicotine, This is found in the leaves of tobacco plants.

How do nic salts work?

Nic salts enter your bloodstream faster than normal nicotine. This means that you can get your desired hit of nicotine quicker due to the strength of the nic salt. They also give off a smoother taste, allowing you too vape it more often if this is needed!

Are Nic salts safe?

The answer to this is yes! Nic salts are a freebase nicotine, this allows you too vape the higher strength of nicotine and it be bearable for you. So from a health point of view there is no need to be concerned as nic salts are safe.

Can I use nic salts in my normal device?

Depending on what vape you have will determine the answer to this. This is because if you have a sub-ohm device nic salts will not work in it. Nic salts will not be suitable for a device like this due to the power output of the device and they will not have the correct coils in them. We do not recommend using nic salts in a big powerful kit, if you want to start using nic salts or if you already use nic salts we recommend buying a device that is made to use nic slats in them.

Our recommended devices for nic salts

There are many different nic salt devices that you can purchase but we recommend the most reliable and popular devices that are available for nic salts. These devices are Voopoo Drag nano pod kit, Smok Nord kit and the Orion pod. The price varies slightly between these devices but they are really good priced for what they are! Our recommended devices are available in all of our stores but also on our online store! Order online for nic salts at 

Below is an image showing you what each device looks like.

Are you stuck on what device you want to order that will be best for you? If so, pop into one of our stores and an expert will be ready to help you!


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