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The difference between sub-ohm and mouth to lung - I Love Vapour

The difference between sub-ohm and mouth to lung

What is the difference between sub-ohm and mouth to lung?

Sub-Ohm is one way you can vape, when you use this process of vaping more smoke gets produced, this is compared to mouth to lung. When you use a vape that has a sub-ohm tank on it and you inhale you will take a lot of cloud and flavour in, This is due to having a bigger coil which allows more air to be pulled through it but also allows more juice to be pulled through the coil which then burns to make more smoke. When you exhale you will produce a big cloud and this is called sub-ohming.

Mouth to lung is a different style to sub-ohming when vaping. When you use a mouth to lung vape and you take a pull, you will feel a tighter pull, this is because the coils in a mouth to lung tank are smaller and more compact making it a tighter pull. When you quit smoking and start vaping we recommend for you to purchase a mouth to lung device as when you take a pull from your vape it will be a similar type of pull as a cigarette which you will have been used to. 

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