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The Best Vape Kits

When it comes to choosing your very first or even your next vape kit, there are hundreds to choose from and finding the best one that suits you can be overwhelming.

We have hand picked vape kits that are the most popular and highest rated. This varies from starter kits, to sub ohm kits to pod devices. We have also tested these devices to ensure you as customers, get our honest feedback on them and this will help you pick the best device suited to you. 



Below are starter kits we have hand picked and tested which are the highest rated and the most trustworthy.  

Aspire PocketX Kit

LINK: For more information, click link below.

The name "Aspire" has been synonymous with flavour in the vaping industry for almost as long as the vaping industry has existed. So, if any company is going to design an all-in-one vaping device that truly provides a great flavour-forward vaping experience, it could only be Aspire. The new Aspire PockeX is a tiny but powerful vape pen with a built-in tank and a replaceable coil system. With its amazing new sub-ohm coil, it's here to take your mouth-to-lung vaping experience to new heights.


Arc 5 40W E-Cigarette Kit

LINK: For more information, click link below.

An incredibly affordable mini mod that doesn't compromise on power at all, the Arc 5 by TECC is a tiny box mod that delivers an incredible maximum power of 40 watts and has a 2,600 mAh internal battery for all-day vaping power. The Arc 5 comes with its own tank, and you'll love how easy it is to use. From the bright and clear OLED display to the stainless steel threads that can withstand years of abuse, the Arc 5 box mod is a pleasure to use and won't ever let you down.

Innokin Endura T18II Vape Pen Kit

LINK: For more information, click link below.

The original Innokin Endura T18 was one of the world's most famous vape pens. It was incredibly easy to use, and it also effectively straddled the line between a vaping device for beginners and a high-end mod for experts thanks to its extremely efficient coil design. The Innokin Endura's coil had ample wick openings that allowed it to suck up even very thick e-liquids with ease. The Endura T18 was, therefore, a mouth-to-lung device that was appropriate for beginners but worked with expert-oriented high-VG e-liquids without a problem. 

The New, Improved Innokin Endura T18 II

The Innokin Endura T18 II takes everything that was great about the original Endura and improves it for a new generation of vapers. With the T18 II, you'll still get the slim and light design. You'll also get the amazing Endura tank and coil. In fact, the Endura T18 II uses the same coils as the original Endura T18. The Endura T18 II, however, has two important usability enhancements that make it a very worthy choice if you own the original T18 and are ready for an upgrade.



Below are sub ohm kits that we have hand picked and tested which are the highest rated and the most trustworthy devices.  

OBS Cube FP Fingerprint 80W Kit

LINK: For more information, click link below.


OBS has made a real hit in the market with one of the first-ever fingerprint devices, the OBS Cube FP Vape Kit. 

The fingerprint technology is a game-changer in the vaping world as it allows to lock your device and make it inaccessible to anyone but yourself. This prevents unauthorised use of your device, making it one of the most secure vape kits around. 

The OBS Cube FP is powered by a single 18650 battery that will keep the device running all day long. The battery is not included.

It features a USB C charging port, allowing you to fully charge your device in just 1.5 hours.

The OBS Cube FP Kit has a wattage range of 5-80W, giving you full licence to cater your vape to suit your preferences. 

The OBS Cube FP is constructed out of durable zinc alloy, with a curved tempered 3D Glass cover, giving the device a sleek appearance. The device is lightweight and compact, with its design making it comfortable in the hand.

 GeekVape Aegis X Kit

LINK: For more information, click link below.


The Aegis X is a stylish mod designed to be water and shock resistant, the beast is now back and compatible with dual 18650 batteries powered by the new AS chipset that releases up to 200W output but also creates a faster response time. The aegis X also has a 2.4" OLED screen for vivid display, this creates the ultimate vaping experience. 

Vandy Vape Swell Kit

LINK: For more information, click link below.


The Vandy Vape Swell Kit is the latest product to come out of the long-standing collaboration between Vandy Vape and Tony B of the Vapour Trail Channel.

It is a super lightweight device, which only weighs 106 grams. It takes dual 18650 batteries. The swell kit is capable of 188 watts, it's also waterproof, which means that it will survive a fall into water. 

On top of that, the Swell kit features an innovative “find my device” functionality, which allows you to track it down using the Vandy Vape app on your phone. The app can also be used for firmware updates, UI theme settings and adjusting various other usage parameters.

Pod Kits

Smok Nord 2 Pod Kit

LINK: For more information, click link below.

The Smok Nord 2 pod kit is the latest evolution of the highly regarded Nord series. Adhering to the same quality features as its predecessor, the Nord 2 is powered by a larger 1500mAh battery, capable of a 40W max output. A 0.69 Inch OLED side display screen highlights the device’s user-friendliness, whilst an adjustable wattage provides choice over vaping style. Compatible with the original Nord pods, it can also employ the new Nord 2 pods and the Nord 2 RPM pods for a versatile vaping experience.

Aspire AVP Pro Kit

LINK: For more information, click link below.

The new and improved AVP is here. The AVP Pro has been refined and improved to be the best on the market for pod kits. It also performs better than the original AVP.
It has been redesigned with a new sleek and eye-catching look, teamed with precision technical improvements.
The AVP Pro is easily utilized through an auto-draw firing system, which simply requires you to inhale to experience a smooth and rich flavour vapour production.
The AVP Pro also benefits by having a simple single button variable wattage, for true custom vaping enjoyment. This can be changed by pressing the button twice, this will allow you to find the best wattage for you, when you press the button twice it will flash different colours. What does each colour mean? RED 10W,BLUE 12W, GREEN 14W, WHITE 16W.

Bottom leak free filling system


LINK: For more information, click link below.


A new era of AI and Portability

Apart from having merits of traditional mods like big clouds, adjustable power and multiple functions, VINCI X is fitted with a new-generation GENE.AI chip and visible pod. Featuring smaller size, simpler operations and safer use, VINCI X is pioneering MOD into a new era of AI and portability.

Nicely Fit in Your Hand

VINCI X, highly integrated but as small as an e-liquid bottle,
is different from those traditional mods, which are so big that it is not convenient to
take them out and seems too heavy when put in pockets.


These are our highest rated vape kits, simply click on the links below the pictures of the devices for more information.

Any questions please go onto our home page, find the contact tab then please do not hesitate to contact us.



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